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When we began to develop the Arden Collar we took into consideration all those vital features for pets and their owners that would define our device – tracking, charging convenience, backup systems, style and functionality. We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-thinking way to engineer each one of them. When we put all those design features together the result was something entirely new. The Arden Collar is radically different from anything seen before. Something that provides an extremely powerful argument against the status quo.

The new power structure.

The Arden Collar is designed to impress. It has been built to provide superior features and functions to the user. We took every feature we knew would be important to you as a pet owner and wrapped it in a form geared for the future. No other smart collar on the market compares to the Arden Collar™ in terms of features, design, and functionality.


The Jetsons meet the Arden Collar™. We wanted our collar to be truly innovative, starting with a new-generation design. We listened to what pet owners were telling us. They are fed-up spending money on other clip-on GPS trackers that are designed to fail as soon as they fall off the collar. They are tired of the same old materials being used time and time again. Constructed of hypoallergenic silicone, we have built a light-weight collar which is waterproof, fits comfortably on your pet, and can handle heavy abuse.

LED Lights

Safety is our highest priority. Safety for you and safety for your pet. A highly visible pet is essential in all situations. The Arden Collar has your pet’s back. While walking your pet at night in dimly lit areas or if an escaped pet crosses a busy street, the High Intensity LED lights on the Arden Collar will give your pet the best protection available. Red and white strobe lights will flash and alert bystanders that your pet is lost or in trouble. In daylight or darkness, the LED lights will be visible under any conditions. This important feature will reduce the time and manpower to return your lost pet safely. Lost pets no longer have to wait for a vet or kennel to read a microchip. All the information about your pet will be provided automatically via NFC, or a by simply navigating to a link on the internet.


We realized not everyone will have the Arden Collar app on their phones, or an NFC chip in their smartphones to instant and automatically alert others of your pet’s vital information when they are lost. The Arden Collar will deboss (stamp in) a unique internet address in which anyone with a smartphone, computer, or tablet will be able to type in and obtain the important information about your pet. Information includes: name, address, telephone number, vet contact information, health information, and food preferences. This information will only be available when your collar is in "emergency" mode for your information protection. You can also select what information you wish to publish. We listened to what other pet owners have requested and we added the option to update your information at anytime, anywhere, instantly no matter where you are in the world. Microchips take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to update your pet's information. Forward thinking...


When we started designing the connection to attach the Arden Collar there were unlimited options. We thought about strength and durability, along with ease of removal by the owner. Plastic clasps and snaps can easily break. Others are so hard to remove they hurt the dog or the owner. We needed to design a connection that would not harm your pet if they became tangled. We turned to utilizing industrial grade rare earth magnets. Easy for the owner to take on and off, unbreakable, strong, durable, waterproof, and will break free at strangulation pressure thresholds.

The Arden Collar has an ambient temperature sensor to alert owners when their pets are either too hot or too cold. You will be notified via our Arden Collar app when temperatures become unsafe. This will prevent a crisis for those who leave their pets in vehicles during warmer days, and for outdoor pets which should receive shelter during the fall and winter months. Our thermal sensor will also help alert you when your animal is overheating from strenuous exercise. We take our core readings from the area around your pet’s neck, and we also read the current air temperature around the collar. As part of our data collection, your vet will have access to your pet's temperature over the duration of days, weeks, and months. This will help provide critical health information to your medical provider prior to and during illness. The ability to monitor your pet’s health is important.

An incredible amount of innovation went into designing a pet tracking product which would work under any and all circumstances. We wanted to build a collar which would have contact connection to alert owners where their pets are. We also wanted to have the newest and best technology to find your pet should they become lost. We decided to collectively incorporate them as a standalone backup system. This is why the Arden Collar has not one, but four technologies to find pets: satellite, cellular, short distance tracking (ADHOC), and another backup satellite receiver. Cellular location data can track your pet where satellites cannot see, such as underground, obscured by large rocks or under concrete. While cellular tracking is not as accurate as satellite tracking, we believe all systems working in tandem with a stand alone backup can always assure fast, instant, and constant tracking of your lost pet. No other pet tracking GPS system offers four technologies to track pets.

The Arden Collar truly revolutionizes how we track our pets. We took our tracking one step further than standard GPS tracking in our World-Wide model. Pet owners who require ultimate pet tracking no matter where they are in the world, whether it be in the air, on the sea, or in the middle of the Sahara Desert now have this option utilizing the Iridium Satellite Network. Iridium's network of satellites offer pole to pole coverage and deploys the latest and most powerful tracking on the planet. Our standard North American Arden Collar will feature a GPS system to access the NAVESTAR GPS satellites (the GPS your car and other devices use). The standard Arden Collar works best for those who do not travel outside North America. Satellite tracking is our primary system as terrestrial systems are not as precise and reliable. The Arden Collar™ is the only product on the market which offers word-wide tracking coverage.


We humans routinely track our health and wellness through technology. When we developed the Arden Collar™ we wanted to offer the same wellness tracking for our pets. The Arden Collar™™offers several data tracking technologies to help track your pet’s activity and patterns. Working with our temperature sensors and other technology your vet will be able to access complete health data over the course of weeks, months, and years. Keeping your pet healthy and active is a vital part of their well-being. The Arden Collar™ will track active and non-active motion, sleep patterns, and food intake. By selecting a GPS boundary where you place your pet's food in your home or yard, you will be able to track their diet habits. We also track non-activity to help motivate and encourage healthy activity patterns. As the pet owner, you will be able to gently "vibrate" your Arden Collar to get their attention for training or get them on their paws! By storing your pet's health records you can cross the boarder in ease. Display all required health paper work directly on your smartphone or tablet. You will no longer need to carry health documents which can be lost or damaged.


The Arden Collar™ uses the latest streamlined Li-Ion batteries to ensure the longest running time between charges. Safe for pets, Li-Ion batteries can work well past other conventional battery power technologies. Under normal use, your Arden Collar™ will last 6-7 days without requiring a charge. When actively using your HI-LED lights in normal mode or emergency mode, the Arden Collar™ will last up to 6-8 hours. The Arden Collar is quite simple to charge. Instead of completely removing the collar, simply remove the detachable front "A" module and plug it in via USB. It’s like your charging cell phone at night. The glowing "A" light will always display the current battery status via color designation. Your collar will glow red when it is low on power, green when fully charged, and a soft blue when all is well and depleting. There is a backup battery located in the rear which will power the backup GPS system and is completely independent from the "A" module. This will power the backup system if you forget to put the "A" module back in place and your pet becomes lost.

Our favorite and most unique feature found on the Arden Collar™ is NFC data transfer. Near Field Communication (NFC) transfers information at very short distances, up to 1-2 feet and is perfect for close contact data transfers. Several Android phones and all of the new iPhones/iPads contain the NFC chip. By using NFC technology, persons with a capable device will instantly and automatically be "alerted" to your pet's status and your pet's vital information in emergency mode. If a bystander would approach within 1-2 feet of your lost pet, their device would vibrate and instantly display on their screen all the information which is found on your unique pet URL. Veterinarians will now be able to hold up their IPad to the Arden Collar and view all of your pet's health information and records.


The Arden Collar™ includes Bluetooth 4.0. It’s the easiest way to connect your collar to your smartphone or tablet without having to physically attach anything.

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The Arden Collar™ is a breakthrough in every way. Jann Arden explains how it works.

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Rare Earth Our high-grade aircraft grade aluminum connector is fitted with rare earth magnets to allow ease of removal and fitting for the owner, but strong and difficult for pets to remove.
Sillicone Completely molded using hypopallergic flexible sillicone allows for long lasting durablility and comfort for your pet.

Built with the finest materials.

We have developed the entire Arden Collar and machined several of its high-precision components in the United States and Canada. By leveraging the innovative power of industry-leading companies in the United States, Canada, and China, we're able to build a product that's impeccably constructed and beautiful in every detail. This is exactly as it was envisioned by our designers in Canada and the United States.

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The Arden Collar™ is a breakthrough in every way. Jann Arden explains how it works.

Watch the video

Rare Earth Our high-grade aircraft grade aluminum connector is fitted with rare earth magnets to allow ease of removal and fitting for the owner, but strong and difficult for pets to remove.
Hypopallergic Flexible Sillicone Completely molded using hypopallergic flexible sillicone allows for long lasting durablility and comfort for your pet.