Three Collars. Three Levels Of Ultimate Pet Protection.

No other pet collar offers the level of features and safety like the Arden Collar.

Arden Collar Pro™ Features 

The most technologically advanced pet tracker ever built. Our Pro model includes our high-intensity LED lights, a glowing "A" light with visual colored battery monitor, GPS chip for satellite tracking, GSM chip for cellular tracking.
iPhone and Android NFC communication to display lost pet information, medical and pet record storage via Bluetooth and NFC, ambient temperature sensor, removable charging module with earth magnet for easy disconnection and proximity detection warning system, simplistic charging via USB, high grade aluminum rear connector with rare earth magnets, individually debossed pet information on collar side. 

Arden Collar™

Our entry model is perfect for those who require general protection and do not travel frequently. All the exclusive features are including and there are no monthly or reoccurring charges for the Arden Collar. Tracking technology includes dual GPS with backup and pinpoint community ad-hoc network.
* Available for felines & canines.

$100 USD Limited Time

Arden Collar Pro™

Our advanced model is geared for those who require a step up in tracking technology. Great for those in wooded areas, rocky terrain, heavily populated areas, areas with concrete. Tracking technology includes dual GPS with backup, cellular tracking, and pinpoint community ad-hoc network.
* Available for felines & canines.

$149 USD

Arden World Collar™

The ultimate pet protection on the planet. Four levels of tracking protection. Track your pet in the air, land, sea within a millimeter. Track  indoors through thick walls and concrete. Tracking technology features advanced satellite tracking using the Iridium Next network, GPS, cellular, and ad-hoc.
* Not available for felines.

$350 USD 


Arden Collar Promo

During the next three months we are offering the Arden Collar at an unheard of promotional price for non-profits and other shelter donors. 

Our goal is illuminate our collar to the world as we believe can change the world while we give back to the front line warriors of animal welfare.

$149.00 $100.00
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