Don Quxiote

We Move Forward. 

Grab a cup of coffee and take a bathroom break. You'll need it. 

A year ago October 2015, the Arden Collar was expected to ship. Over one hundred and fifty people purchased an Arden Collar on IndieGoGo. This mark was not met and a lot of people were distressed and disappointed. None so more than I. There was one simple reason the Arden Collar did not ship - my lack of foresight. I did not understand how much money this project truly was required to take us to final development. I also believed in a lot of people who let me down. For the last year with Jann Arden, together, we considered every path under the sun to move the Arden Collar to completion. We did not have many options as public and investor trust was breached. That is the past, the future begins now.

We - Jann and I are moving forward. Jann has been a mentor for me and a special dear friend for many years. There was one fundamental lesson she taught me. Go forward. Look forward. Try try again. Never give up. Never look back. I am not built that way. She is. I follow her lead and her guidance. Now we all should as well and go forward.

Much like Don Quixote, I considered any way to achieve our goal to develop the most advanced pet collar on the planet. To dream the impossible dream. To fight the unbeatable foe (my wallet). There are others out there doing the same across all industries who are poised to change the world from the ground up. The problem isn't the interest in a pet smart collar. It's the market. Not everyone is prepared to spend $100-150 dollars on a collar for a pet. The public market is not trained to do so. I bet they would if their pet went missing. They have not seen the final product demonstrating its features or saving a pet. The public buying market needs to decide it is a vital component for their beloved companion. They will once they read stories how it saves pet lives.

“Much like Don Quixote, I considered any way to achieve our goal to develop the most advanced pet collar on the planet.”

Over 7.6 million companions end up in shelters per year. Only 650,00 of them ever return home. The odds are not favor of a happy ending scenario.


So where to from here then? The Plan...

The good news... I found the way to complete this project - through awareness at the frontline of pet advocacy - charitable organizations, shelters, and rescues across the Canada and the United States. They are sustaining the complete burden of the crisis of helping lost pets, and sadly, having to put them down. The only way the Arden Collar can work is at the frontline. The market will grow from there accompanied with some clever advertising campaigns.

“The good news... I found the way to complete this project - through awareness at the frontline of pet advocacy”

Jann and I are passionately committed to helping animal agencies. A marriage with the Arden Collar and pet charities is as perfect Jann Arden singing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Who cannot just love Live At The VSO? Not only can we support shelters reduce their resource demands by providing the tools for an owner to retrieve their pets independently, we can also help them in tandem proving a revenue stream of much-needed capital by providing Arden Collars at cost or for free. We butter both sides of the bread at the same time. (We don't kill birds with stones here.)

First, we will market our program on Facebook with advertisements and researching ways to reach as many pet shelters, agencies, charitable organizations, charities, and rescues in the US and Canada. We will also work our way down with popular agencies and work with them on a dedicated one-on-one basis. These pet charities will only be asked to post media on their social channels and highlight our program. From there they can then leverage their base to solicit pre-ordered collars. I will be providing all the media for them and will cost nothing. These charitable organizations will ask their social base to pre-order ten collars for their agency at a discounted price. If they achieve this mark we will provide them with ten Arden Collars at cost of manufacturing for one year. The estimated revenue stream will furnish them $14,500 per year. If they do participate and do not hit their mark, we match donate up to nine collars or less to the agency. They may, in turn, sell them or give them away in promotions. This campaign will last for 90 days. My goal is to get 200-500 organizations on board.

Next, Providing we reach our target, I will advertise on Facebook and other technology related websites searching for a well-qualified person specialized in microelectronics with a focus on communications to help me complete the Arden Collar's internal components. The candidate will be offered a lucrative package and stock options. I will dedicate as much time as it takes to locate the perfect candidate with the expert acumen in electronics and communications who is dedicated to this project. We and said candidate together will finalize the prototype for the collar. My stringent goal is to complete a prototype collar with LED functions working no later than the end of February 2017.

Third, During the campaign, providing we have traction and funding, I will secure a facility for assembling the electronics and transporting them to our injection molder in Reading. PA. I have already reviewed a property which is affordable and is ideal for our requirements. You can review the property below in the link. (

Fourth, we most likely will be working with KEM Molders ( in Birdsboro, PA. They are approximately 5 miles from the new potential industrial space and my home. They possess all the required machinery to do the job and have the experience. KEM will also provide the molds which are required to inject the silicone around the electronics. This process is called over-molding.

Fifth, during this entire process there will complete and full transparency in our process and development. I will be blogging, Instagraming, Facebooking, and Youtubing more than Donald Trump about the last SNL show. Of course, we will have trials and tribulations, however, we will be sharing them with the world. Good or bad you are with us all the way!

Sixth, we will work to manufacture and complete 3000 Arden Collars by late summer 2017. It will be a goal which is akin to an Olympic athlete. We will not fail. This will fulfill all of our pre-orders on IndieGoGo and our campaign for charities. Our next focus will be to work to get the collars out to a larger market we will have helped establish by completing all the above.

Seventh, once we finalize our first Arden Collar run, we will refund each and every Arden Collar sold on IndieGoGo. All of the perks other than the Arden Collar were fulfilled. You will also be receiving an Arden Collar Pro free of charge. Your patience and understanding has been exceptional. It is our way of saying thanks. Jann insisted.

What We Need From You. Yes, You. Everyone.

First, we need you to spread awareness about our charitable program to anyone whom you believe would benefit from it and is a pet related charitable organization. To your friends, on your social channels (all of them please, think Trump). It is vital the word gets out there. It takes 5 minutes to post a link and a short sentence on an organization's Facebook wall or message to them. If everyone performed this task we would have a successful campaign guaranteed.

Second, if you can pre-order an Arden Collar at the discounted price - please do so. Start your favorite pet charity off and inform them you got the ball rolling. It's a great entry point for number one (No, not that number one). Of course, if you cannot do that, please do number one again. (If you are not having bladder issues.)

Third, if you are a Canadian and are in desperate need a job, please reach out to us on FB message or email. You are welcome to come. We will pay you way here and for your work visa. We will be starting at $14-16 an hour USD. I want to help as many of Canadians as possible. You supported this collar - I will make sure I never forget that. I love Canada. Jann says she does as well! This is a joint effort. There are no borders in saving pet lives. Period.

Fourth, if you know someone who has a disability and cannot find work, we are hiring. I believe in helping others. Always. Vets, those with service animals, learning disabilities, etc. I have made it my quest from day one that any company I own will be a fun, diverse, and completely inclusive place to work. I want people who want to come to work and enjoy what they do and go home happy.

Thank you again for being so patient and understanding. I hope we can complete this wonderful program and change pet and owners lives everywhere. I believe the Arden Collar is a tool which can help so many pets. There is absolutely zero reason why we should see posts on Facebook searching for a lost pet. Zero. If you are just as sad as me to view them, help me change it. I must emphatically implore you to help in anyway you can. If this campaign fails, we will be at a total impasse to finish the Arden Collar. This is our last and final chance. I will leave you in the spirit of Christmas with love and hopefulness. May the joy of the holidays fill your heart with your family and your furry and warm selfless creatures of love. Thank you. As always, I remain...

At Your Service,

Derek M. Sheldon